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Police impound listings for Monday through Friday in Los Angeles

Car Dealer Licensing

Have you ever flipped a car?

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Ever wondered Where all the Police Impound Auctions are?

These are the police impound listings for the greater Los Angeles area. You can strike gold, and get some great deals if your smart. Cars go cheap. Bring a mechanic friend with you if you can. Make sure you get there early for the presale inspection.

Do you want to know which Police Auctions Happen in LA??

For only $9.95 you can have access to the complete list of police impound listings in LA County. There are eighteen different police impound auctions in Los Angeles county on the list. Go to the icon below, and hit buy now. After you have paid for the list, you'll be given a password. I send the password once I receive the email of your payment. Click on LA Auction List on the navigation bar, and enter the password for access to the LA police impound auction directory. This information is priceless.

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[an error occurred while processing this directive] Quick Silver Towing, Inc., Area 8West Los Angeles Division

  • 2252 S. Barrington Avenue
  • West Los Angeles, CA 90064
  • Phone: 310/478-1201Fax: 310/449-9239
  • Parking: Below average

I've ran into a lot of vehicles with problems at this auction. The staff aren't the friendliest but they let you go inside the cars, and check out the interior. They also start them, move them back, and forth, and will usually check ac, power windows, etc. if you ask. If you see a vehicle you're interested in, ask the staff if they've seen it run, or how it came in. Asking a lot of questions, and gaining some insight might save you a lot of money, and headache.


Viertels Automotive Service

  • Auction Days and Times:Every Tuesday (Except Holidays)
  • Inspection Time: 8:00 A.M.Auction Time: 9:00 A.M.
  • Auction Location:101 N. Avenue 18Los Angeles, CA 90031-1701
  • Phone: 213/250-0143Fax: 213/250-4360
  • Parking: Good if you get there early

[an error occurred while processing this directive] Viertels always has a large amount of cars. They move really fast so get up close to the car you like so you can listen to the engine when they start it. You wont have an opportunity to see if the other components of the car are functioning properly. The risk factor is high at this auction but you have a good chance of getting a good deal because there are so many cars there. Security is tight, and strict.


Keystone Towing

  • 7817 Woodley Avenue
  • Van Nuys, CA 91406
  • Phone: 818/782-1996
  • Fax: 818/782-1992
  • Auction Days and Times:

  • Every Friday (Except Holidays)
  • Inspection Time: 8:30 A.M.
  • Auction Time: 10:00 A.M.
  • Parking: Good

[an error occurred while processing this directive] Keystone Towing has friendly staff, and usually good cars. The lot men will start the cars, and move the transmission back, and forth. Usually they will check the air conditioning, power windows, etc. if you ask them too. They usually have one of the better selections too. You can view their presale list on their website.

My reviews on this list are a matter of personal opinion. You'll have to go yourself and determine which auction you like the best. Even if you don't buy anything, its entertaining to go and meet people. I like to observe all the odd characters who are there. Heidi Fliess is a regular at the Viertels Auction.

Have you heard of Copart auto auction? Copart auto auction has excellent deals on salvage cars and all of the bidding is done online. Do you know anybody with a body shop? buy a car at copart auto auction with some body damage. Fix it up, and sell it for a profit.

Do you have any reviews, comments, or ideas you'd like to share about an auto auction? I would love to here them, and post them on the site.